Electrical Parts Available Include:
High Output Alternator, Barrel & Keys Ignition Switch, Base Plate & Pickup Distributor, Battery 12 Volt 72 Amp, Battery Frame Split-Charge, Chassis Harness, Clock Quartz, Distributor, Drive Kit For Starter Motor, Engine Harness, Pair Rectangular Fog Lamp, Fuse Box

Engine Parts Range Includes:
Adaptor For Screw On Oil Filter 4 Cyl., Brake Vacuum Pump, Camshaft, Crankshaft, Cylinder Head, Exhaust Manifold, Flywheel, Idler Timing Belt, Inlet Manifold, Main Bearing Set, Oil Filter Assy, Oil Pump, Piston For Timing Chain Adjuster, Power Steering Belt, Rocker Cover

Exhausts Range Of Parts Includes:
Centre Exhaust, Exhaust Downpipe, Exhaust Silencer, Exhaust Tailpipe, Front Silencer, Support Bracket Exhaust Front Pipe 4 Cyl, U Bolt For Rear Tailpipe, Tube Exhaust Y Piece Mounting, Rubber Exhaust Mounting, Rear Hanger Bracket Exhaust, Intermediate Pipe

Hardware And Fittings Range Of Parts Includes:
Front Wing Inner Assy, Hose Clip Air Cleaner Hose 90-110 Fuel, Mirror Slug Fixing Interior Mirror, RTV / Hylosil Sealing Compound, Screw Screen To Bulkhead 90-110, Set Screw M12 X 20mm, Stud M8 X 30 Various Applications, Bolt 1/2 UNF X 5.75 Chassis. To Bracket,

Gear Box Parts Range Of Parts Includes:
Transfer Gear Change Assembly 4 Cyl, Oil Pump Gear Kit In Gearbox, Bearing Output Shaft, New Gearbox , Kit Differential Gears Transfer, Mainshaft, Oil Cooler, Yoke Selector Shaft, Bottom Cover For Transfer, Control Switch Diff Lock, Front Output Flange 4 Speed V8

Instruments And Cables Range Available Includes:
Accelerator Cable, Battery Cable Negative Or Positive, Battery Condition Gauge, Hand Throttle Cable, Carrier For Handbrake Cable, Choke Cable, Fuel Gauge, Electrical Cable For Volt Meter, Oil Pressure Gauge, Speedometer, Stop Cable Clip, Speedo Cable



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